For the Big Homie Swiss Chris I put this montage of clips together I captured earlier this year at a BBQ promoting Unity sponsored by the Almighty Zulu Nation.


IQdaWize 0 to 100 Freestyle
edited and shot by me
something light.


Oh No Freestyle by Qu Amazen for Out Duh Box Media

A quick freestyle video by the homie in collaboration with IQ da Wize and Tifa Media

Production by me of course. Light work.


Marquee records at Stush Studios


Another recording edited and shot by me.

Promo purposes

Calling out all creatives.


The homie O_infamous produced a photoshoot with Envy Bueno and me. Through a series of delays we finally got to shoot at a last minute location. 

The always spontaneous and super rebellious spirit of hers made the shoot dope. 

These are some of the photos from the evening.

My first stop motion

My new wave #TheVagabond #Cinematic

My new wave #TheVagabond #Cinematic

That #Hair #toddler #TylerCruzPinedo #daddylife #NWTS #Exhausted #Sleeping

That #Hair #toddler #TylerCruzPinedo #daddylife #NWTS #Exhausted #Sleeping

So blessed to have been called up by Jerry Wonda to record some behind the scenes footage of Alex Boye at Hot 97 in the morning. At night I got the priveledge to meet Nicholai Khan and Stella Isabella, two artist in their own lane doing big things.

I have recently landed a freelancing position at iConcept Media that MAY lead to full time employment.

The Grind, boy I tell ya..

My first test was to travel to the Jacob Javits Center and develop content with some staff members.

Above are a few photos of some of the designers and CEO’s that we met.

The Pressures of MCMXC

As I arrived to Platinum Sound I got cut off at the door by Guerby whom leads to inform me that Famey and EndaStory need some creative photography. As always I tell him my workload for the night is already more than I can handle but for my two brothas Ill work on something.

In the stairway near the penthouse.

Famey is in a quiet mood.

Famey tells me about the pressures of being successful in this business.

EndaStory in a rare form.

By the end of the night, both men were done with taking photos, the constant flashes and discussions about a photo being worth a thousand words led to a collaborative photoshoot. 

To view more photos of the photoshoot visit my other blog

My son Tyler, age 2.. has developed a basketball obsession. He is committed to getting that ball, any ball into a basket. 

He watches sports anytime its on T.V. 

He’s an observer and a relentless worker. He goes hard.